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March 13, 2016

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On March 13th 2016, during the celebration of International Women Day in The Hague, fifteen (15) volunteers put in the limelight. Ms Antoinette Mutesa, Founder and Board Member of Women’s Initiatives Network, received a certificate of appreciation for her commitment and dedication to the empowerment/emancipation of women.

Antoinette Mutesa, “In my personal experience and from the stories of other women, in the Netherlands, the position of women is still quite behind than other countries in Western Europe. It is obvious that for migrant women this position is even weaker. In order to help people, it is important to understand and know them well. By giving people a chance to tell their own stories, listening to them and sharing experiences, we have seen how a voice can achieve so much. Money alone cannot solve all the problems and even good intentions do not always lead to good results. Therefore, we see our work as a way to advocate for women rightful position in the society. There is no development, no business without gender equality. I wish to share this title with all women and girls that stand up every day and try to find solution for a better life and become financially independent.”

Who are the The Hague Emancipation Ambassadors?

On International Women’s Day (8 March) 2012, The Hague’s Alderman for Emancipation, Karsten Klein, appointed an intercultural group of ten “Emancipation Ambassadors” who, voluntarily in The Hague and surroundings, promote the effective implementation of City’s Emancipation Policy. “We are the eyes and ears of the alderman and keep him informed about what is going on.”

Special attention is focused on three topics highlighted by the Alderman’s Emancipation Policy:

  • Women participation in the labor market and society
  • Involving men in the emancipation process
  • Acceptance of sexual diversity

Read more about the Hague Emancipation Ambassadors.

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