Participation in the new economy

May 14, 2014

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The Dutch Social Security Systems is one of the most comprehensive in Europe. However due the global financial crisis, like other countries, the Dutch Government is faced with an increasing unemployment among its population and making those already within the welfare systems limited in their chance to find a job.

To address this, the Dutch Government has put in place several instruments and incentives to facilitate not only Companies in job creating but also for individuals who wish to start a business.

However, certain groups such as migrants, whom in additional to the market competitiveness and problems shared with others, their different education and cultural background represent a constraint in making use of those instruments.

WIN Economic Development wishes to provide services that provide an added value to existing programs in order to maximize the chance for minority groups, especially African Migrants in their quest for employment.

In addition WIN Economic Development will set in place mechanism that facilitate migrants who wish to start something in their country origin to be able to do so.

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